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Here you will find a number of tools at your disposal for both fun and serious activities.

Bumblify - Scramble the letters of a sentence while keeping the first and last letters the same, and chances are, it still can be read without much effort. D'ont blieeve me? Fnid smoe emteetniarnnt in tniyrg tihs out wtih yuor frdenis.

Text Encoder - Generate a unique ID or hash using this one-way encryption. Great for generating keys of any length.

Get Headers - Check the headers on a URL sent by the server. Determine Content-Type information and more.

Get DNS Records - Wondering how your DNS compares to their DNS? Have a go at this and see if you have anything to worry about.

Get IPs - Quick lookup for a domains IP address.

Get Google Page Rank - SEO ranking for your domain.

Wordpress Themes
from $99
Custom made to match you existing website, 24 Hours of FREE option

OSCommerce Work
from $99
Custom Themes and Development, no task too large or small

Business Cards
from $75
Shipped within 48 hours, Full Color Printing

Slides or Photos
4x5" at $5
Possibly the Lowest Price Online for Scitex Quality!