Security Evaluations

As web developers, we are keenly aware of the weak points in the PHP language. We code everything securely to prevent MySQL injections, XSS attacks, and secure upload forms. Beyond PHP security, using Wordpress can increase your risks of being hack dramatically if you do not follow the suggested steps to harden your Wordpress website.

Having had over 10 years of PHP/MySQL development on a daily basis, hackers and their tools are easy for us to spot. Even if they haven't penetrated in to your code, you may have an open door that they just haven't discovered yet.

What's Most Important

It is vital to ensure your website is secure. That is where we come in. Just by providing your website URL, we can examine and run our own penetration tests to identify potential attack vectors.

It is also vital to backup your site regularly. If your host is charging you extra to backup your site, consider moving to our H.O.W.D.Y. Host servers where we not only provide access to 3 backups generated each week, but store redundant backups on Amazon's cloud-based S3 servers.

Next Steps