Wordpress Development

We began working on Wordpress projects in 2006, when Wordpress was young and beginning to take hold as a Content Management System (CMS) instead of just a blog. Over the years, we've created countless custom-coded plugins, themes, and performed a multitude of service or repair tasks including speeding up page loading.

Wordpress Themes

Need a custom theme designed? We can handle both the design and Wordpress theme creation process. Your theme will have full menu integration, options for editing your logo and background, as well as other aspects of the site. We also include our own Responsive Content Slider so that you can easily manage slide shows on your homepage or other pages.

Already have a design, or need to migrate from Joomla! or another platform? No problem, we can both do the necessary data transformation to import your data completely as well as create a valid Wordpress theme from your existing design.

If you don't have a design, we also create and sell our own pre-made themes available at H.O.W.D.Y. Themes.

Custom-Coded Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are the chunks of code that add functionality to Wordpress, and they can be used to add a custom widget to a sidebar or create an entire shopping cart system. There is no limit in what can be done with Wordpress plugins. We code all plugins using the Wordpress Framework to ensure that the plugin will be compatible with future versions of Wordpress.

Wordpress Security & Hacked Site Recovery

Unfortunately, the nature of Wordpress lends itself to attack. Some hackers try to brute force attack your website, and once in, they can cause a lot of damage. When we work on your site, we will suggest ways to ensure your site is secure. We also develop and offer our own tools and services for monitoring and defending against hacking attempts.

Wordpress vulnerability can come from the plugins you have installed. Anyone can create a plugin, regardless of their coding ability, and submit it to the Wordpress plugin repository. An inept plugin developer can introduce security holes that hackers can manipulate. It is vital to properly vet all plugin to ensure they are reliable and secure.

If your site has been compromised, it is crucial to address it immediately. We can take care of restoring your site to full functionality and securing it.

Your Next Steps

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